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Every motorist dreams of unifying his car, highlighting it from a string of similar mechanisms. To carry out this operation, drivers resort to tuning. In Moscow, such services are provided by the car repair shop "MadcatCustoms", on the website of which you are now.

External tuning

Changes "iron horses" are internal and external. External tuning includes the following types of services:

  • body kit;
  • spoilers;
  • thresholds;
  • skirts.

In our workshop, aerodynamic body kits are installed, fusible disks and lighting are installed. Part of the changes is purely decorative, the other part significantly improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the car. Do you want to decorate the hood with vinyl film or create a chameleon car? Call "MadcatCustoms".

Internal tuning

The task of internal styling is to transform the interior. Our mechanics offer the following types of services:

  • the installation of blow off;
  • the mounting of the intercooler;
  • engine tuning (installation of forged pistons);
  • light upgrade (head light, xenon in PTFE).

Engineering is often connected with the replacement of standard parts with original new items. Styling from "MadcatCustoms" completely transforms the interior and engine compartment of the car. The range of internal improvements is extremely wide, but you need to agree on the planned changes in advance. Contact us for a free individual consultation. Specify the model of the car and the nature of tuning. After a visit to "MadcatCustoms" your "iron horse" will get a unique look!